Monday, 5 September 2016

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung is inhabitant of HongKong and her Nationality also Hong Kong . she was born on 20 September 1964 in Hong Kong , and due to her family circumstance she shifted to England with her parents , when she was just around eight years old child and she started her early primary education from St. Paul's Convent Catholic girls' school in Hong Kong . She spent her childhood in Bromley ,Kent in England. Then she has complete her secondary education from England and that time she was near about eighteen years old .suddenly she decided came back again to Hong Kong again where she was born , actually she came for spend a nice vacation there . After a long period she came to know that was a turning point in her career life.

Maggie started her career life in 1983 and first journey as a Miss Hong Kong pageant , this beauty pageant arranged by Hong Kong television station . Her U turn was very strong because, at the same year she was a semifinalist in the Miss World, really that was a great opportunity for her golden career . Commercially she was a successful film worker , Maggie had a unique character and that’s why she is different from others actress , that is her unbeatable willingness .Maggie Cheung she know many language’s , because she stay many places , like England ,Paris and also Hon Kong that’s why her English pronunciations was very perfect. People like her performance and enjoy her acting on screen.

The biggest turning point of her life and that were as a police girlfriend with Jackie Chan’s, it was a notable film, because it is directed by Jackie Chan’s. Maggie did her role very seriously and she had gained significant experience in her film career. So, after a lot of motivation she had done more over seventy films just in the beginning series. She was also did her jobs across Asia, that’s why Cheung won an award as an first Asian Actress prize At the Cannes film Festival . She proved her quality with big milestone in her life , She won many awards like---Best Actress , A Fishy Story , Centre Stage , In The mood for love and many more .Golden Bauhinia Awards , Best Actress Awards , Golden Horse Awards , Silver Bear for best Actress etc.

Much after she got married with a French director Olivier Assayas in the year of 1998 , career life and married life both are different , like north pole and south pole we can say Earth rotation . Cheung and Assayas they walked together near about four years then married chemistry has been changed like Earth Orbit . But Maggie Cheung still walk on her own Orbit .

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Success we can’t measure with a scale , that’s why Willam Willy said “ Ambition has one heel nailed in well , though she stretches her finger to touch the haven ,, … Aaliyah has proved it . Actually Haughton was a definition of versatile , . she utilized her quality and quality time to the right time and to the right place . Aaliyah knew how to prove and establish her self in this world . By the God wish she hade only 22 years but !! Brilliant , beautiful , talented , updated Haughton she spread over the quality around the world .

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born In Brooklyn ,New York ,US the year of 1979 16th January , then she moved to Detroit ,Michigan at age of ten with her parents . she was an American African , but a amazing fact is , her name was originated from Arabic version , “ Aliya how ever it is Ali ,, . Her mother Diane Haughton ( she was also a good singer and vocalist ) was Aaliyahs first voice and music introducer in her life when she was just around five years old and Haughton started her music journey from a Marriage ceremony at the Church . Aaliyahs beautiful voice Attract the people very much and all time buzzing her voice around her home , she highlighted first time from Star Search Program at the age of ten ( it was a live Television program ) .

Aaliyah complete her education from Detroit High school from Arts steam , she was focused to her education everybody known Aaliyah , as a brilliant student . Although Aaliyah was very good from her heart she keenly interested to her Arts performing , she know about important of education and always keep potentiality with 4.0 grade point rank . But one thing is decided she was a perfectionist . She signed her first music Album at the age of around 12 years and having no doubt 74,000 copies selling in the first week , that was unexpected turning point in her career life . Whereas she contain many qualities But!! her silky and smooth voice extract the people heart and changed her perspective totally .

In the year of 1999 , Aaliyah proved her another quality with incredible experience .She signed her first film and landing the lead role in “ Romeo Must Die ,, surely the biggest milestone of Aaliyah’s life history . Miracles playing an active role in her good luck , Box office hit 18.6 million in the first weekend . People thought her natural effort and devotion is uniqueness within her style , that time all producers and directors spotlights on Her Chemistry . In future audience thought Aaliyah was the best for any RomCom character than other actress . After “ Romeo Must Die ,, Aaliyah’s best movie was “Queen of the Damned” , “ Vampire ’’ , etc. she never look back side again because she got several exciting opportunity one by one . Aaliyah set her thumbnail on Boom a finally .

Haughton create a new image on the fashion world and being a model she proved to be a stepping stone for her modeling eventually film also . Aaliyah’s family play an important role in her all over carrier life , specially her mother Diane Haughton . Haughton was an perfect role model among the public , when she started her modeling carrier many Hip-Hops teenagers and others follow her style –like one eye covered side hair style , specially she wore loose fittings baggy cloths with dark sunglasses , many often she used black shed cloths because her favorite color shed mostly black . Aaliyah was too much conscious to her public image and media image , as well as her created fashion trends nowadays people like it again . In this matter she depend to her mother to Diane Haughton she always took her moms opinion . the year of 1998 Aaliyah gave a shape to entire fashion world . Actually she had a good test as a “ style setter ,,

We lost Aaliyah Haughton for ever on August 25, 2001 at 6 50 p.m. Aaliyah and the others members of the record company boarded a twin-engine Cessna at tme Marsh Harbour Air port in Abaco Island , and after they completed the Music video the whole party and all the equipment were accommodated on board , but Alas!!! destiny was wait for Aaliyah Haughton . That day Aaliyah and her 11 music members they entourage took off from Marsh Harbour air port at 6.50 pm In a small Cessna 404 en route Poa-Locka , Florida . After few minutes take off the air was crashed near about 200 feet from the runway and killed the Queen , during Aaliyah,s funeral people shouting and read “ We were Given Queen , “ We were Given Angel ,, . Although her life was too short but meaningful , when she was live she told to others “ I have no regrets and no complain to God ,, . her sudden death destroy the untouched dreams forever